fixing my first draft

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I need you to fix my first draft which is in the attachment below.

These are the mistakes that you should fix:-

1- before telling us about how the stakeholder ( EPA ) uses visual rhetoric to spread its message/goals, explain what their goals are … you do that in the next body paragraph, but it needs to be in the introduction and before the thesis.

2- (rhetorical appeals) is one of my main points in thesis in my introduction, but it’s not mentioned again in the paper … there should be a body paragraph dedicated to it, with supporting evidence. so add one body paragraph about the rhetorical appeals which that analyze the two pictures in my paper.

3- there needs to be supporting evidence in every body paragraphs in my paper…either a citation from the epa’s website or another sources that I put in my works cited that discusses water conservation ( add in each body paragraph)

4- There are two sources on the works cited page, but neither is mentioned in the paper. None of the body paragraphs include supporting evidence. so try to use each source in my works cited to include it in my paper and cite it in MLA.

5- you should add one more source and use it in any body paragraph.

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