Focused Reading Reflection 2 LINK: As you conclude your readings on What the Most Successful People Do Before B

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Focused Reading Reflection 2


As you conclude your readings on What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, think reflectively on the following areas as you prepare your Focused Reading Reflection.  Use the bold phrases below as your Level 1 APA headings for your paper.

Core Competencies:  So much of this book, as the one before, focuses on critical self-examination of priorities and how we should arrange our time accordingly.  Share your core competencies, your highest-value projects, in the three areas of career/academics, relationships, and self.  How did it feel to identify these highest-value projects in this way?  Did you have any insights?  Were they easy to identify or challenging?

Purposeful Use of Time:  This book is all about planning to use your time productively, to maximize your most valuable and most finite resource you have:  your time.  Discuss your reactions to the planning activities you’ve engaged in- from tracking your time to planning your weekend, to planning your week ahead.  What did those activities show you about how you use your time?  What did they reveal about imbalances and/or the things you are doing well?  Did you find it helpful to plan your time and priorities within the three areas of career/ academics, relationships, and self?  How so?

Disciplines:  Of the 7 disciplines, select the 3 that seem the most powerful and doable for where you are in your life right now.  Share why these 3 stood out to you and how you plan to (or already do) implement them in your daily lives.  What do you anticipate as a result of doing so?

Overall Reaction to the Book:  Here you can share insights gained from the book and your overall response to it.   What impact, if any, did the book have on you as you consider your planned and purposeful use of time.  Give it a star rating (on a 5 star scale, with 1 being “Didn’t Like It” to a 5 “Loved it”.  Would you recommend it for subsequent courses and why/ why not?

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