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1. Write a composition using one of the topics listed below. Your
composition needs to be three to five paragraphs long. It must
contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
a. Argue for or against the limitation of speed limits.
b. Explain why a certain sport is your favorite.
c. Compare and contrast driving in the winter and driving in
the summer.
d. Analyze the best way to buy a car, mow a lawn, or prepare
a meal.
e. Describe a memorable day in your life.
2. Write a letter of complaint. Follow the rules for a business letter,
and use the full-block style. The complaint may be about anything
you wish (such as malfunctioning equipment, poor building maintenance,
or disruptive noises from a nearby business). You can
base your letter on a true experience, or you can make up all the
details you need.
Please note that a form letter or a template cannot be used
in constructing your response to question 2. When a form
letter or template is used, you are giving little to no thought
to wording or formatting, and you are not actually creating
your own complaint; you are simply filling in the blanks of
someone else’s work. For this reason, a grade of 1% will be
issued if a form letter or template is used.

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