For the culminating research project in this course, you will be choosing ONE of the topics listed below: Risk TakingThere are many ways in which troubled tweens express themselves. For some, it’s t

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For the culminating research project in this course, you will be choosing ONE of the topics listed below:

  1. Risk Taking

    • There are many ways in which troubled tweens express themselves. For some, it’s through risk-taking. But troubled tweens are the only ones who take chances. Risk taking is common among tweens and teens in general, largely because they truly do believe they are invincible.
    • Risk-taking manifests in many different ways. For some preteens, that might include binge drinking, having sex, and taking chances with their own safety.
  2. Substance Abuse

    • Many parents mistakenly believe that the risks of smoking, underage drinking, and drug use are solely reserved for teenagers. Unfortunately, many preteens engage in underage drinking, smoking, and other abusive dangers, such as inhalants.
  3. Depression and Anxiety

    • Depression and anxiety can affect children and adults, and in both cases, it can be a difficult and challenging obstacle. Children who are depressed often pull away from friends have trouble sleeping or change their eating habits, among other symptoms.
  4. Obesity

    • For obese and overweight children, life can be tough and troubling. Youth who seriously struggle with weight often face social issues and may have trouble fitting in. In addition, they also have higher rates of depression and other behavior problems.
  5. Self-Esteem Issues

    • For many troubled teens, self-esteem — or the lack thereof — can be a huge problem.
  6. School Safety

You MUST choose one of the topics listed above. Once you have chosen your topic, email me to let me know which topic you chose. Note: Bullying/Cyberbullying are NOT topics you should be researching for this project.

You will:

  • Research the topic,
  • Evaluate and discuss its effects on the local community, then
  • Present some possible solutions.
  • This is a comprehensive, culminating activity which will involve a significant investment of your time and effort


Your final project should be a total of 12-16 pages including:

  • Cover page
  • 4-5 pages of peer-reviewed (12-15 articles minimum) research from Academic Journals ONLY! It should include originally designed data tables and graphs and/or statistics on the topic.
  • 2-3 pages of your own analysis of the research.
  • 2-3 pages of how this information relates specifically to the local community.
  • 3-4 pages of possible solutions (MUST BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED!)
  • Reference page

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