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Hello There,

I would like to make an appeal to my university so they could wave my summer tuition. I will provide you what they are asking for. Please I would like this to be convincing and very well academic writing. Let me tell you about the situation that I have been in, and you could write about it in a way that looks good for them. So I have taking this class with the same instructor and fails it twice. This instructor didn’t teach very well. She was the only one teaching the class at the time. On spring 2018 the university offered another instructor to the course. I have passed the class with him because he teach the class very well. You could also mention that on summer 2017 ( the very first time I took the class ) I was fasting during the class period because of religion believes where I would have to fast for Ramadan. Please let me know if you need more information. Or CLEARFY some of the information I gave you.

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