Formal Paper on Cry Liberty book , history of us

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I have an assignment due Sunday Formal Paper on Cry Liberty in my history class ,

in order to complete the assignment you need to be knowledge of Cry Liberty book and other documents that i will give to u , 

This assignment requires you to write a paper of 900 to 1,100 words (about three to four pages) in which you primarily rely upon the Cry Liberty book for evidence and examples. Remember, the Smithsonian is looking for the clarity and sophistication of your argument as well as in how well you support it.

Required source for this essay:

You MUST use: Peter Charles Hoffer’s book, Cry Liberty as your main source for evidence/examples for the paper. 

In addition to Hoffer’s Cry Liberty, you may use the following: – Foner, Give Me Liberty, pp. re: slavery 109-116, 158-159, 182-189. – 

Primary source documents in the textbook or on Blackboard including “Olaudah Equiano,” “Belinda,” “Massachusetts Slave Petitions” (187) and others that may be relevant to some of the questions (such as “Metacom” or “Declaration of Josephe” (29)). I will give to u if u need them 

I uploaded the full instruction 

this assignment does not need to be professional , i want you to use normal word and not hard and strong academic word , you can make it hight school level and sure me i get A

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