Fusion Center Branching Scenario project 3 help

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 Fusion Center Branching Scenario Paper

Compose a minimum 4 page paper that critically evaluates
fusion centers based on what you have learned from experiencing the fusion
center branching scenario and from the assigned readings for this unit.
Specifically address the following, supporting your analysis and evaluation with
a minimum of four scholarly references:

  Identify the
strengths and weaknesses of fusion centers

  Discuss how FCs
can innovate the way to manage Homeland Security in these specific areas:
Technical Innovations, System Innovations, Protocol Innovations, and Management

recommended changes to improve the FC system as though were a homeland security
advisor to POTUS and/or the SEC-DHS

  Identify and apply
four specific organizational behavior theories and/or management theories to
the day-to-day operations and issues in FCs

Compose your paper in Microsoft Word and save it in the
following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example:
SmithJohn_Unit02_Assignment2). Submit your Assignment by selecting the Unit 2:
FC Branching Scenario Paper in the Dropbox by the end of Unit 2.


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