Gen Ed Spatial Science GPHY_294

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a discussion of the
scientific method, response to questions

response should be 1-2 paragraph ( 5-10 complete sentences).

what is meant by “scientific method?”

using the attach reading about Mary Somerville, Sir Isaac Newton, or Sir
Francis Bacon, summarize: ( pick one )

1- 2
Biographic details about his/her life

2- 2
of her/his key scientific contributions

Search for information online about a scientist who specialiezes in
reasearching something that has relevance to your life or the area where you
live. conduct online searches to identfy people and then read material or watch
videos about their research. summarize your fimdings include:

the name and background of the scientist.

2- a
breif summary of their research ( 3-5 sentences )

provide one or two refernces

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