Gender inequality and its perpetuation

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Where does gender inequality come from? How is it perpetuated?

Here are some potential questions to help you frame your response: Do you agree that subsistence strategy is an important factor to examine when studying the sources of power in a society? How might hunting have led to men in power? What about the role of agriculture in inhibiting women from gaining power? Do you find this believable?

How can we explain the persistence of gender inequality if we have overcome the biological factors that led to its inception?

Resources MUST USE! don’t need to cite sources just use information from these.

Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday, Chapters 1, 5-6.

Ember, Carol R., “The Relative Decline in Women’s Contribution to Agriculture,” American Anthropologist 85,2 (1983), pgs 285-304.

Ernestine Friedl, “Society and Sex Roles,” Human Nature Magazine, April 1978


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