GEOG101 Map Journal Project Proposal

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Create 1 proposal idea. Your proposal must be 3 paragraphs in length only and must:

1)Give a title to the project

2)Provide a clear description of the map journal project

3)Explain in detail the geographic significance of the project; and

4)Highlight the data sources (e.g., newspapers, films, plays, etc.) that will be accessed in order to complete the project

Use paragraph headers. For example, Project Description, Geographic Significance, and Data Collection Source(s). A model example of the proposal format is provided to follow as a courtesy. A failing grade will be administered to submissions that have fewer than three paragraph statements.

Feedback will be provided on your proposal. ESRI’s Story Map website has an abundance of ideas that may inspire you. Drawing from one’s own personal experience or that of a family member or friend, news stories, etc. to visualize a topic is recommended as well.

Think geographically! The course’s key concepts will give you the parameters that you need to conceptualize and actualize your Map Journal. Therefore, reading ahead in your textbook is highly encouraged. Place, region, scale, space, connection, site, situation, development, demographic transition, industry, and other concepts that appear in textbook chapters are essential to visualizing the story that you wish to portray. Use the following resources to your benefit. Copy and paste the website links into your browser for content access.

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