global entrepreneurship homework

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Consider the following tasks

  1. Select a country of your choice (PHILIPPINES)
  2. Prepare a first research on this country, consider e.g.

    1. 2.1. Introduction to the country (size, geographical location, GDP, …)
    2. 2.2. Entrepreneurial activities within this country
    3. 2.3. Definition of SMEs
    4. 2.4. Enterprise stock profile (how many micro, small, medium, large enterprises exist in
      this country; what is their contribution to employment, GDP, etc.)
    5. 2.5. National Innovation Systems (how do governance support innovational activities)

Helpful Resources

  • World Bank‘s annual “Doing Business“ report
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
  • National Statistics Office
  • National Innovation Systems
  • CIA “The World Factbook”
  • OECD homepage and reports
  • U.N.

Structure of the Report

  1. Executive Summary (which you write at the very end)
  2. Introduction to the country (e.g. location, size, population, GDP, unemployment, …)
  3. Description of nation’s NIS OR analyzing the nation’s competitiveness by using
    Porter’s Diamond
  4. Definition of SMEs
  5. Stock profile (SMEs – large enterprises)
  6. Entrepreneurial Activates

    1. People attitude towards entrepreneurship
    2. New venture per year (maybe also exits per year)
    3. Their contribution to job creation, GDP (if available)
    4. Government’s role in supporting entrepreneurial activities
  7. Conclusion (maybe addressing the main challenges) AND your recommendations
    what the government should do (to address these challenges)

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