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Because of their compact size, portability, and ease of use, instructional designers make extensive use of PDF documents. There are several ways that you can create a PDF file:

  • Buy and install a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional (most school bookstores offer a considerable discount) 
  • Download and install a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Professional from the Adobe website
  • If you are using Office 2007, you can download and install a PDF writing plug-in from the Microsoft Web site that lets you save your documents as a PDF: Search for “Save as PDF” at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads
  • You can convert your documents to PDF over the Web using the Google Docs service (http://docs.google.com)

Using one of the techniques listed above, create a PDF. You might, for example, use your PDF to submit your assignment for the week. Discuss your experience with downloading and installing the software. In a world that is transitioning to e-learning, discuss how effective you the instructionswere


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