HAP 392, Real life situation on legislation ; Equal pay act, FLSA, ADA,

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Find a real life situation in the news, something that is going on right now or has occurred very recently – in the last month or two – that DIRECTLY relates to each of THREE regulations that we have learned in HAP 392. The three regulations re: Equal Pay Act, FLSA, ADA, FMLA.

Describe the current event, copy an article in the news or cite the particulars of the event – names, dates, situation – and then in your own words, relate it to the particular law or regulation. Explain specifically how it connects to what we have learned about the details of that particular legislation.

Show three different regulations – each with one real life news story that has occurred within the last two months. Use this as an opportunity to showcase what you have learned. Show thoughtful, substantive thinking..


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