have anybody here read way peaceful warrior dan millman

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Assignment #5:


Now that you have completed (assuming that you have completed) Way of The Peaceful Warrior, it is time to review what has been learned by Dan and you through this insightful journey. In a well organized essay, discuss the events and changes that have taken place in this last section of the novel to show how much Dan has learned since he began this journey. In addition, discuss what you have learned as a result of your examination of the material in this transformational story.


It is important that you complete the novel before you write this essay so that you can present an essay that is clearly organized and detailed. Use the material covered in these pages to reflect back on how Dan and you have changed or have gained new perspectives.

This is an important assignment. Do it from that standpoint. Every word and paragraph needs to be carefully considered, as if you are constructing a beautiful building.


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