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I need help answering the questions below.

On Chapter 2 of your text, AND the article Partnering and Parenting in Poverty: A Qualitative Analysis of a Relationship Skills Program for Low-Income, Unmarried Families posted on D2L.

1. Take a look at the new ideas concerning helping families with poverty. These start on page 40 of your text and are discussed at the end of the lesson. In your opinion, which of these approaches is the most likely to bring about change for families living in poverty? Why? (2 points)

2. How will this approach that you chose help build resilience in families? (1 point)

Next, read the article posted on D2L on the Assignment 2 week. This is a policy analysis that perfectly reflects one of the central ideas of this course – that is, policy (and the programs that policy creates) MUST help people with their basic functioning in order to be successful. This article also demonstrates how research, programming for families, and policy all fit hand-in-hand. In order for policy to be effective, it must reflect current research AND be directly applicable to the needs in peoples’ lives. With that in mind, please answer the questions below.

1. What were the three main findings of the research study? (3 points)

2. How was relationship-building within the couple instrumental in the findings? (2 points)

3. What were the conclusions and recommendations of the study? (2 points)


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