Health Care Emergency Management

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This week we have three objectives to learn about:

1. Describe the role and
responsibilities of the
healthcare emergency

2. Identify challenges that
exist for the healthcare
emergency manager.

3. Compare and contrast the
core competencies of
Emergency Managers to
the Core Competencies
for Hospital Emergency

Use APA style and include the above objectives and the appropriate citation to answer the following question:

1. Based on your readings and experience, compare and contrast
how health care emergency management evolved before 9/11 to its
evolution after 9/11.
2. Why has the scope of healthcare emergency management grown
so dramatically? Will the growth continue

reading materials:

Reilly, M., &Markenson, D. S. (2010). Health Care Emergency
Management: Principles and Practice
Chapter 1: Principles of Emergency Management for Healthcare
Barbera J.A., M. A. G., &Yeatts, D. J. (2009).…

Challenge of hospital
emergency preparedness: Analysis and recommendations. Disaster
Med Public Health Preparedness, 3(1), 74-82.
Sauer, L. M., McCarthy, M. L., Knebel, A., & Brewster, P. (2009).
Major influences on hospital emergency management preparedness
and disaster preparedness. Disaster Med Public Health
Preparedness, 3(1), S68-S73.

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