healthy classroom management wk2

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WK 2 Written Assignment: Semantic Map of Student Needs

Create a visual representation or semantic map of the author’s concept of healthy classroom management that is based in self-esteem, resiliency, hardiness, and humanistic psychology. Include the pillars of self esteem, the fours traits of a resilient person, the 4C’s of hardiness, and the basic psychological needs.

WK2 exam


Question 1

  1. What
         are the three basic teaching styles?

Question 2

  1. What 6
         key factors help build resiliency?

Question 3

  1. What
         are the four traits of a resilient person?

Question 4

  1. According
         to the author, in addition to being instructors, teachers must also

Question 5

  1. What
         are the 4 major multicultural populations in the US?

Question 6

  1. The 5
         facets of health and wellness encompass the __________________dimensions

Question 7

  1. What
         name 5 positive results of families being involved with school

Question 8

  1. What
         are the dual pillars of self esteem?

Question 9

  1. What
         are the 4 C’s of hardiness?

Question 10

  1. Four
         important social forces that influence education are the concepts

Question 11

  1. The
         basic needs are for all students regardless of gender, disabilities, race,
         or ethnicity are related to what 4 concepts?

Question 12

  1. What
         are 5 common barriers to parent involvement in the schools?

Question 13

  1. Wellness
         through positive relationships is based on what three things?

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