help me help me 6th grade not to long not big words c and highter

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Journal: National Museum of History

Look at your notes from the museum tour. Think about what you saw and heard. Now imagine you are 12-years-old and you live in western Europe in the year 600 A.D. Think about your life during this time and answer these questions:

  • What is your life like?
  • What does your family do?
  • Do you feel safe? Who will protect you in case of danger?
  • What does your future look like? Will you go to school?

You may want more information to add more details to your life in the year 600 A.D. Do some research on the internet. Remember, though, these are your personal feelings. You won’t find the answers on the internet!

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment.

Click here to see how your assignment will be graded.

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