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Writing Assignment:Broadsides

“Broadsides” were a popular during the Renaissance. People printed a single sheet with:

  • funny stories
  • gossip
  • weather predictions for farmers
  • or opinions about current events

They were passed from person to person.Most people couldn’t read so they’d gather around someone who could.

Follow these instructions:

  • Write at least three paragraphs of text
  • Write something personal about how you feel about history or this class
  • Include at least one graphic or picture
  • Use an old style font that will make your page look historic
  • Change the background color to look like old paper

Use your best writing skills.Remember, a good paragraph has at least 3-5 sentences.Be sure to spellcheck your work before you turn it in for a grade.You can send your writing as an attachment in a message to your teacher.

Use thisrubricto see how this assignment will be graded.

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