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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on advertising strategies Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Advertising Strategies al Affiliation Advertising Strategies Question Product segmentation refers to the marketing strategy that divides products or groups them based on the needs of a certain target group. Particular combination of products attributes are used for segmentation purposes. A good example of a product attribute for lets a company like denim jeans include a product that generated a lot of revenues for the last period. For any company, product segment helps in simplifying advertising and maintenance effort used. Market segmentation, on the other hand is where a company divides its market into different segments based on the needs and characteristics of consumers (Farkas, 2011).&nbsp.

Both market and product segmentation are beneficial to the company in various ways. In order to achieve maximum benefits, some segments in Denim can be helpful. For example, the company can break down its market using demographics where women are grouped according to their ethnicity, income, age, education, marital status and even occupation. For example, for the young people, the company can decide on coming up with fashionable jeans just for this group. The company can also decide to segment the market based on psychographics, where such things as attitudes personality, lifestyle and even hobbies are used to segment the market.

Segmenting in such presented manners would not only change the grouping of the product, but advertising would also be changed according to the needs of each of the segment. This would include changes in the information contained in the adverts, but also the budget used in advertising since some segments would require much budgets than others (Farkas, 2011).

Question 2

The media’s aim is for effective and efficient delivery of messages intended to reach the audience. Efficiency is needed in order to deliver the message at lower costs than before meaning that it is common for advertisers to choose mediums that are cost effective in their advertising. This must be done in such a way that quite a number of people are reached using the lowest cost possible. Effectiveness, on the other hand means that influence and enhancing of the message is needed and the correct media for this is needed too. Therefore, reach and frequency must be incorporated by media planners in order to achieve the balance of effectiveness and efficiency. Reach is seen as the number of people and households that a certain media is able to reach or that are exposed to this specific media. Frequency, on the other hand, refers to the times that the discussed people or households are contacted or reached by a certain media.

Frequency and reach acts in such a way that the two are affects the other. More frequency in a certain schedule means that few people would be reached. Therefore timing and scheduling has to be considered by media planners in order to attain an optimal balance (Raab, 2010).


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