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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on psychology Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Career Guidance: Psychology Career Guidance: Psychology Job plays an imperative role in the livesof people and it is because of this reason that special counseling needs to be undertaken before applying for any occupation. It should be noted that working behavior of humans is studied within the field of psychology. A number of psychologists have contributed in the understanding of significance of career counseling and psychology. A number of theories and models have been coined by different psychologists for the provision of career counseling. This paper aims to discuss different models of career counseling including Egan model to ascertain best analysis.

There are a number of models and techniques being used to provide planning services to clients for career counseling and development. Most common ways of provision of career planning counseling is done through self-assessment, reality testing and decision-making techniques (Watts 1996).

Example: Giving situations to client to think if they were in the respective occupation. This would allow them to come up with decision-making planning (Swanson and Fouad 2009).

These are the most commonly used techniques which were used traditionally. However, modern models have been initiated in order to provide a wholesome manner of providing career counseling and development to clients. Moreover, self-directed manner for career counseling is another model which has been used by a number of counselors over the time which has had limited results previously. It is due to this reason that other types of models were coined (Watts 1996).

Example: Catalogues and guides that would allow the client to get aware by the career as word of mouth.

Most recently, interviews were used as a cost-effective manner of providing effective career planning advises to clients. These interview based techniques and traditional techniques influence Gerarad Egan to create a model that could make use of all the techniques to make sure that development is noticed and undertaken in real manners unlike any other therapies being conducted for psychological practices. Working model of Egan covers development aspect as crucial to objective achievement (Watts 1996).

Critical Analysis of Egan Model:

Among different models that are applied for career planning and development of clients, Egan Model is considered as one of the most effective model for counseling purpose. It is because of three staged model mechanism that allows easy evaluation of clients’ choice, transition and different clients need (Watts 1996).

The stage I of the Egan model allows effective relationship building process between the counselor and client. This will allow the client to focus on the options from which he or she can actually find out the best possible choices for themselves. In other words, it could be said that the stage I in Egan’s model, clients can actually set up priority chart and then associate its focus (Swanson and Fouad 2009).

Stage II of Egan model is about allowing the client to undergo a transition. This means that the client on this stage becomes free to go about his objectives. Clients can be given a number of techniques to reach their goals. Activities that are involved in this process are challenging, advanced empathy, immediacy etc (Watts 1996).

The third stage of the Egan model is considered as an action stage for clients to go about career and development. The client must understand the possibilities of objective and it is because of this reason that problem solving actions are undertaken in this stage (Swanson and Fouad 2009).

Example: Questions that could be asked by the counselor should allow the client to think vividly.

Counselor to Client: What makes you happy when you think of your current job? What made you realize that it was the best thing you could achieve?

List of References

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