Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Latin American Music Analysis.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Latin American Music Analysis. These two groups of immigrants were collectively referred to as the Rioplatenses. Other sources claim that the tango genre of music has an African origin and that tango means African dance. Other sources have indicated that the word tango was generally used by black slaves to refer to percussion instruments like the drums (Zimmerman, Oriana, and Oudman 70).

In ancient times in Argentina and Uruguay, tango music could be played on solo guitar, duo, or in a group or assembly that was popularly called Orquesta tipica. It was often accompanied by two violins, a piano, and a flute. Tango music and dance can be associated with a vocalist or may even be pure instrumentals. The first popular tango recording or music that got wide attention was in the 19th century in Argentina. In the same period, the Angel Villoid which was played by the French National Guard also got global attention and listening.

Even though there is no agreement on the origin of tango, this genre traveled from Spain all the way to Uruguay and Argentina becoming a favorite genre in Buenos Aires. This genre was hugely associated with the underclass and those that lived in the neighborhoods that were considered to be for the poor. In the 20th century, tango was the favorite genre of music for thugs and hardcore criminals and gangsters who frequented brothels in Buenos Aires (Zimmerman, Oriana, and Oudman 70). The music was known to radiate very strong sensuality feelings as well as passion and romance. Some tango songs were also associated with elements of tragedy. Most of the Tango songs are centered on broken love, grief, desire and zeal for life, and the sadness of moving to a new country. The genre quickly spread to other countries in Europe where it became an instant hit.

Julio Maria Sosa Venturi was an Uruguayan vocalist and songwriter who was born on 2 February 1926 in Las Piedras, Uruguay. Las Piedras is a Conelone Department Suburb in the Uruguayan city of Montevideo&nbsp.(Elmo 4). Julio Sosa later relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentine in the year 1949 where he rose to become one of the tango music greats of that time.


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