Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Benefits of Technology on Education and Simple Interventions.

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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Benefits of Technology on Education and Simple Interventions. Deciding on a technological solution for one’s educational environment depends on answers to these three related concerns. As the ease of use for technology increases, and as students come into the classroom increasingly knowledgeable about how to use computers and mobile devices, it seems that more technology is being used in educational contexts. When used properly, technology has the promise to greatly benefit students in mathematics, readings, as well as other subjects. making the most of it, however, requires careful pedagogical decisions and considerations as any change in the classroom bears inherent risks for the welfare of the student.

The discussion about the possible effects of technology is most often framed in a way that pits attention to learning as opposed to attention to distractions. Educational institutions are reluctant to embrace technology, especially games and social networking, as a means of training (Klopfer, Osterweil, Groff, & Haas, 2009). However, this reluctance may not be entirely deserved, outside of the stereotype of a young child sitting in front of his computer instead of sitting in front of a book. These two spheres of interaction need not be phrased in terms of oppositions. for instance, the emergence of the electronic book has made it possible for interaction with text and interaction with computers to be simultaneous acts (Rose, Meyer, & Strangman, 2002). In the classroom, this integration of experience may be beneficial in terms of providing exposure to the curriculum being taught and to developing technologies.

As mentioned previously, an important consideration in this regard is the level of technology a teacher is (a) comfortable with and (b) capable of using in an educational setting. Guzman and Nussbaum (2009) focus on “domains and competencies linked to teacher training propositions for technology integration” (p. 453). The most helpful point of organizing propositions about teachers’ technology in this way is that we realize that a high level of comfortability or capability with technology is not a necessary and sufficient condition for bringing about a particular educational outcome for students.


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