Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic European Union Equality Policies and Workplace Legislation.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic European Union Equality Policies and Workplace Legislation. The legislation also advocates for the provisions that ensure that disabled people in society are able to work comfortably. This essay shall discuss the equality policies and workplace legislation that cover gender, age, religion and belief, race, and ethnicity.

The European Union has formulated policies that advocate for gender equality from many angles. They ensure and promote the existence of equity between men and women, promote application of gender mainstreaming and facilitate exploration of transgender issues. The policies ensure that the European Union observes gender equality in all the activities at the workplace. The legislations through the Treaty of Rome came up with a principle that ensures that each member state shall give equal pay for men women for equal work (Allen QC & Crasnow, 2001). This principle advocates for equality between men and women and concentrates on equality at the workplace than in society. Among all the inequalities in the workplace, the European Union takes more focus to address the issue of gender inequality. The European Union has so far launched a committee that advocates for women’s rights in its member states. It then established a commission on equal opportunities for all gender to support the activities carried out by the advisory that handles issues on the availability of equal opportunities between men and women. To sum all these efforts up the European Union has a Commissioner that issues an annual report on gender equality (Carver & Mottier, 1998).

The European Union refers to equality between men and women when dealing with issues of gender equality rather than women’s rights since the latter appears as one-sided which shows one kind of gender is given dominance. Apart from the provision of equal pay for equal work of an equal value for all gender the European Union has a directive that ensures equal treatment for all gender in matters concerning access to training and employment. This clause also&nbsp.includes the promotion, hiring and dismissals. There is the existence of an equal treatment gender, which requires the equal treatment of both men and women when it comes to issues of social welfare code.


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