Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Preparing Effective Special Education Teachers.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Preparing Effective Special Education Teachers. However, if these students had the unlikely chance of getting a negative first impression in school, it would stay with them all throughout their lives, and could even affect their attitudes toward education, learning, and life as a whole. In a way, schools become institutions that are able to affect and mold the mindset of the young. Learning institutions as well as the people behind them therefore have the overwhelming task of not just providing education to students in general, but also instilling a set of core values into the young ones, as well as jumpstarting their sense of a continuous search for knowledge.

Being the representative of the academic institution to students, teachers play a vital role in how students would be responding to the learning process, as well as to education in general. It is expected from instructors that they are able to deliver the lessons according to the curriculum that they teach, as well as to properly assess as to whether their methods of teaching were effectively absorbed by the students. However, I firmly believe that the job of a teacher goes way beyond teaching things that are written in books. An instructor must be able to establish a connection to the students not just in getting the lessons through their heads, but also to give a glimpse of the world, and life in general. This is better facilitated with the combination of two important characteristics of teachers: personality traits that characterize effective teaching, such as being approachable, accepting, and caring. and highly-effective instructional skills, such as providing the students with hands-on activities, getting them involved in classroom discussions, as well as giving clear directions and prompt feedback (Martin & Loomis, 2007). By combining the attributes that are exemplified by excellent teaching personality and instructional skills, this makes a teacher effective both in teaching the academic things as well as building character and instilling values among students. Doing so makes the teachers essential components in the effectiveness of the school as an institution that helps in developing the younger generation.


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