Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Design Innovation in Textile.

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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Design Innovation in Textile. The design process of a substance is a linear sequence of various events that has a starting point and an ending point. On various occasions, a designer has to go back one or two stages, if new information is introduced. In other circumstances, the designer may overlook one or two steps, based on the type of product that an individual designs. Chao and Ishii (2007) explain that design is a problem-solving activity, and it requires a precise definition of the problem, from the beginning of the design.

The design process is mostly concerned with the decisions of choice, state, sensitivity, and it also relies on value judgments. Mckenna (2007) explains that the design process can be influenced by technology, idea, market, and demands. The design process has the following steps,

• Identification of the need.

• Developing the brief.

• Scheduling tasks.

• Analyzing the brief.

• Conducting research.

• Developing specification.

• Generating ideas.

• Choosing a solution.

• Evaluation of the solution.

It is the duty and role of the designer to carry out research for purposes of finding out what it is that the customers need. Chao and Ishii (2007) explain that before coming up with a new product, the product under consideration must have the capability of satisfying the needs of the customers. It is the responsibility of designers to identify these needs and design their products in a manner that satisfies this need. Take for example Apple, the design of their electronic gadgets is always slim, and sleek. This is for purposes of ensuring that they are able to conserve the environment, as well as reflect class. It is important to understand that we are living in an era where environmental conservation is an issue, and customers would like to see that companies with which they are associating are responsible for conserving the environment.

After the identification of the need, it is the duty of the designer to develop a brief.


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