HIST112 I002 Spr 20: Need help writing history paper

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2 to 3 page essay explaining how Europe impacted the Americas in the early phase of contact (roughly 1500’s to early 1800’s) and/or through the Atlantic Slave Trade. In your answer, please explicitly quote and discuss at least one specific passage from 2 different primary source documents excerpted in the pdf linked here: WA 1 Primary Source Documents (copy under Resources; each document excerpt is labeled in the attached Document 1, Document 2, etc.; there are 8 from which to choose–quote from at least 2). Please also be sure to draw upon and to cite relevant course materials from weeks 1 and/or 3. There are no points awarded for using outside sources in the paper. The purpose of the assignment is to see what you can do with the assigned materials.

The paper should use proper citation: APA, MLA, or CMS, and have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please see rubric below for complete grade breakdown.


Sources and Length 50 points

includes the following: does the essay actually quote word for word, with quotation marks, two passages from two different document excerpts in the attached pdf? Does the essay reach to two full pages excluding title page, notes, and bibliography?

Argumentation 30 points

includes the following: does each body paragraph have one and only one main point? Does the main point tie in clearly to the overall thesis? Is that point fully supported with illustrating evidence and with analytical comments?

Writing style and citation 20, 10 points each

includes accurate vocabulary and grammar, uses only objective, formal language; contains no hyperbole, no first person references (“I will show”), no thinking/feeling language (“In my opinion”), personal anecdotes (“After I thought about it;” “I had a hard time finding”), or in-house references (“As the directions state”; “In our assigned readings”)


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