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William Lloyd Garrison was one of the early leaders of the abolitionist movement. In 1833 Garrison founded the American Anti-Slavery Society with Arthur Tappan. Garrison was also the editor and publisher of an abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, which Garrison started with Isaac Knapp in 1831.

FOLLOW UP – Discuss The Liberator.

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The abolitionist’s movement refers to people who championed for the emancipation of all slaves as well as the end of racial segregation. It took place between the 1830s and 1870 (Filler, 2017). The abolitionist’s movement was led by William Lloyd Garrison who was himself a reformer and founder of the American anti-slavery society (Filler, 2017). His activities led to the freedom of blacks such as Frederick Douglas, Charles Henry, and John Langston. The abolitionist group pushed for an end to slavery for the good of all people.

The abolitionist movement under the leadership of William Lloyd Garrison used the written word to propagate for and also fight for an end to slavery (Filler, 2017). The novelists such as the great Harriet Beecher Stowe in her Uncle Tom’s Cabin used the element of religion to prove to the people that slavery was not only wrong but also evil, and since many Americans were religious during this period, the writings helped to sway their opinion to begin the public debate on the topic of slavery (Filler, 2017). The abolitionist’s movement used the public platforms such as newspaper articles, short stories, pamphlets to make their point against the concept of slavery known to all Americans and other people around the world (Filler, 2017). The writings of this group helped to change the minds of many people specifically in the North. The Southern slave owners were unable and unwilling to stop slavery since their economy depended almost entirely on slave labor but the preaching’s of the abolitionist’s movement led to the split of the country and the eventual civil war (Filler, 2017). The abolitionist movement significantly contributed to the end of American slavery by helping to shape public opinion against slavery in the history of American society.


Filler, L. (2017). The crusade against slavery: 1830-1860. Routledge.


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