History Research Paper

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History Research Paper Requirements

The research paper assignment consists of three sections: topic/thesis, annotated bibliography, and final paper.

The descriptions below are broad overviews. More details will be posted as the semester evolves.

A. Paper Topic and Proposal

With approval, select a topic from within the historical parameters of this course (the United States during the period of 1945 to 2001) that is relevant to the course outcomes. (Tutor can pick what is easiest for them, but I would prefer a pretty generic topic that should be approved easily).You will perform preliminary research and create a working thesis statement with the understanding that it may be slightly modified later in the research process. Your topic/thesis must show that you’ve done some preliminary research.

B. Annotated Bibliography

Write an annotated bibliography. This will list and describe a minimum of 10 primary and secondary sources, with specific requirements detailed below, that you may use in your paper.

The annotated bibliography should involve a variety of primary and secondary sources, including at least two primary sources and articles from at least two academic journals; it should not include encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), dictionaries, or non-professional websites. Each annotation should include a full, properly formatted Chicago style citation, 1-2 paragraphs detailing the basic argument of the work, the type of evidence used to prove the thesis, and an explanation of the value of the information to your paper.

C. Final Paper

Submit a finished paper that includes a title page, endnotes pages (if used) and bibliography (without annotations). This paper will be 7-8 double-spaced pages (excluding the title page, endnotes pages, and the bibliography), with one-inch margins, times new roman font size 12, and either footnotes or endnotes (Chicago Style). Do not use parenthetical notes. If you’re not sure about what this means, ask your instructor.

The finished paper will use both primary and secondary sources to increase the plausibility of the clearly stated, analytical thesis. It will be carefully structured, composed, and proofread, with all required components included in the correct order. You need a minimum of 10 sources to be eligible for an A. Note the specific requirements for primary and secondary sources.


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