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Question 1:

Complete Quiz 3, which I have attached.

Question 2:

Read “Exercising Strategy” Pay and Strategy Execution at Wells Fargo: Incentives Gone Awry on pages 535-536. Answer the three question on Page 536.

I have attached these pages below.

Answer the three questions on page 536.

Question 3:

The fourth part of a project related to Being Your Best Self: Taking Correct Moral Action. You should review and be able to use the Being Your Best Self – Moral Action subject matter available through Moodle.

1.5 – 2 pages at the most. 2 academic resources should be used in addition to the original source of the news article. (3 total sources for full credit).

In this submission, which can be in outline form, clearly set out the proper Moral action to be taken in this case.

In your submission, briefly explain the ways that such ethical action can be justified and is the proper ethical action in the case chosen.

In other words, slow way down and set out all of the steps need to take the proper action.

Question 4:

I have attached this question to a work document below. It was to long to post on here

Classmate to respond to for this question:

Victoria West:

This is a situation that occurs more than it should and really gets under my skin. In this situation, I would let both Samantha and my brother know that they need to end their relationship immediately. I would want Joe to know, but I would also want to keep Samantha and my brother safe. It is Samantha’s obligation to take responsibility for her actions and talk to her husband about what she has done. In my opinion, if you feel the need to be with any other person beside your significant other, then you should not be with them in the first place.

I have actually been in this situation before, except she was not cheating with my brother. In the situation I was in, I found my friend in the act of cheating on her boyfriend. I confronted her about it and let her know that I did not agree with what she was doing and what she was doing was wrong. Her boyfriend was very loyal to her and in fact, a few weeks after she cheated on him, he proposed to her. She no longer talks to me and somehow she has turned her whole family against me. I regret not letting her boyfriend know because everyone thinks I am the bad person since they do not know the whole story, but it truly showed me her true colors. I have always said, what is done in the dark will come to light and I honestly believe that.

Question 5:




An unconscious pregnant woman will die is her fetus is not aborted. What is most ethical: Save the fetus and let the mother die, or abort the fetus and save the mother’s life?

Classmate to respond to:

Latoya Dennis,

In this case, as hard as it is, I would save the mother. I can understand if the mother had the child months earlier and an accident happened and it’s either the mother or the child’s life. In that case the child because I know that would most likely be the choice the mother would choose. But, being that the child is unborn, I would save the mother. I have no idea of the living situation, is the father present in the mother’s life, who would take care of the child, will the child have ailments because of the mother passing away. I feel like those situations would overpower my thought process in me saving the child instead. I have seen cases before where the mother passed away in the delivery room and the father can not handle the fact that their wife has passed away and they are the sole provider of that child. The father is overwhelmed and grieving and ends up not being able to take care of the child. It would bother me to save the child and end up causing the child to have a troubled life because of my decision.


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