How can you identify this couple of attractive investment opportunities?, India Case Study help

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“Based upon what you have learned through “people-to-people” contacts, what have you learned? Who have you contacted? You should read the newspapers in the major cities as well. Write up what you have learned as it pertains to establishing a venture in INDIA. This should result in two or three potential recommendations for further investigation by the group.”

So what is the goal here? Your goal is to dig deeper than merely a country overview, and gain practical, realistic insights about business in INDIA, in terms of local markets that are either emergent or fast growing: in what business should the client you work for invest her/his $10m? So you are looking for products/services that have locally experienced fast growth, high profitability, and hopefully a reasonable level of risk. 

How can you identify this couple of attractive investment opportunities? Here are some suggestions, but feel free to look at other sources too:
-Look at the websites and possibly try to call American Chambers of Commerce (e.g. if you are looking at China, the Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA, and American Chambers of Commerce locally in China);
-Look at the website and possibly try to call the American embassy in the foreign country;
-Look at, in particular the Country Commercial guides, and any market research/study for your chosen country;
-As suggested in the syllabus, look at the local press (if you can find a local newspaper written in English or if you can read the local language);
-Google key words such as “market/business/investment opportunities” and your chosen country (e.g. “market opportunities in India”).

Once you have found a couple of promising opportunities for investment, be sure to research the market in question. Any market data would be highly valuable, such as size of the local market, growth rate of the local market, consumer demographic and consumption patterns, current competitors, current products available, existing distribution channels, etc. 


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