How is parole different from probation? Law homework help

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Answer 3 of the 5 in your initial post:

1. How is parole different from probation? Note the state you live in and tell where it is housed administratively..independent agency, part of another, etc.?

2. Who are the staff in a prison? Give a profile by age,sex, education, experience, etc. for your state correctional officer.

3. What are some typical duties of a correctional officer? a correctional supervisor? What makes correctional officers violate their office and side with or help inmates? Research and post a newspaper article from your state/local area on a specific case.

4. What do you think life is like for an inmate in a prison?

5. Why do inmates tend to organize gangs in prisons? (Note: we will discuss prison gangs several times as it is a critical issue in corrections/prisons).

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