How to make this poem better based on word choice and sentence?

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a Snail

Center of my grandma’s courtyard

A charming plain tree has grew for years

I spent my whole day, observing 

Beneath its canopy, observing its fears

I was told, curiosity is dream. I was five

I concentrated on a little moving life

Saw it carried a shell, wandering

A step up, in a slow speed

I sit on a bench, quietly pondering

Learning is one of the steps to dreaming. I was eight

By knowing little words, I still would like

To try reading books, they confused me

An English teacher came to help me

He told me, obviously

Dreams need work. I was twelve.

Blood, sweat, and tears

Little snail, carrying a shell, it climbed 

The azure sky is waiting for it, 

Slowly, as if being timed

I was told, snail dreams take time. I was fifteen

Rainstorm, lightning, and snowstorm

A snail is climbing up, using every second of its life

How the shell weighs it down

It deserves the shiniest sky for its strife

Maybe, I thought, dreams take time and work. I was 15. 

Time, as fickle as the heart of man

I work and work, but it seems

As close as I come, 

My dreams are still just dreams

Anyway, the little snail is my courage.

Already tried to do rhyme scheme.

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