HR Professionals!! Response Paper Strategic/Administrative functions in HR

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Objective of this assignment:

You are to provide your knowledge of the
strategic and administrative function of Human Resources by thinking about the
situation of Southwest Airlines recent merger and their expansion.


Read and reflect on the case study below and prepare a response
paper of 5 or more pages (excluding title and reference pages) with
appropriate in text citations
. Demonstrate your research and analytical skills
in developing your comprehensive paper by using the organizations website and
outside articles written about the organization to supplement the information
provided in the case study. However, the case study is unique in that it is
focused on the HR ramifications and most of the outside reports you will locate
articulate the business side of the merger or expansion possibilities. Tailor
your paper to the HR ramifications of the merger and expansion. 

Keep in mind that the purpose of this assessment is for
you to demonstrate your knowledge of the strategic and administrative function
of Human Resources. While the business side of the situation is the foundation,
it is the command of the needed tasks and role for the Human Resource function
that you are to focus most of your attention. 


The key components of the paper are as follows:

1.  Title page

2.  Introduction in which you restate the issue(s) and
state the purpose of the paper

3.  SWOT analysis from the HR perspective  

4.  Recommendations to address the issues. Scholarly
research is expected to support the recommendations.

Examples of issues that may want to be elaborated upon may be
possible redundant positions, maintaining the culture of both organizations (or
not), combining compensation and benefits plans and union involvement (just to
name some).

5. There are many tasks for recruiting and hiring for the
expansion (in various global locations). Think about and list what those tasks

6. Provide the metrics for evaluating the outcomes of the
expansion of the organization (again, from an HR perspective).

7.  Synthesize and summarize your thoughts about the merger
and expansion (from an HR perspective), including recommendations for aligning
the HR function of the two organizations and addressing any of the S.W.O.T.
assessment HR related elements as appropriate. 

6.  Reference page containing at least five scholarly
references cited in the paper and presented in APA guideline format


Southwest Airlines is a major airline in the United States with
limited flights outside the country. The organization has a strong culture
which is described in the following excerpt from Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest
Airlines found on the Southwest Airlines Website.Living the Southwest Way 

Living the Southwest Way

(Gary Kelly states that)…..I ask three things of the 46,000
Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways Employees every day: Work hard, have
fun, and treat everyone with respect. We call this Living the Southwest Way,
and it comprises three characteristics that we look for in job candidates and
require of our Employees: a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing
Attitude. While it may sound simple (and it is), the impact can be profound.
Our Culture has long been admired and has earned Southwest much recognition,
including a yearly spot on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list (we
ranked seventh this year) and the distinction of being named one of the Best
Places to Work in’s 2013 Employees’ Choice Awards. Our Culture is
not a program or a campaign; it is the sum of the personalities and behaviors
of our People who Live the Southwest Way every day.

(The following is fiction but is the situation to consider for
this assignment). Due to the recent acquisition of AirTran Airways and with the
possibility of acquiring other airlines that will expand the organization to
other countries, Southwest Airlines will add thousands of employees quickly
from any number of existing airlines in a variety of global locations.

Faced with the tasks of maintaining the values of the
organization, consider and propose steps the Human Resources team will need to
take to achieve a successful merger of the two companies and to expand to
additional global locations.

PLEASE NOTE: Much has been written about Southwest Airlines, its
culture and the recent merger. While that information may be used as reference
material, the situation you have been asked to use for your application of your
knowledge about HR is unique. Do not merely cut and paste from what you find in
the documents you locate.

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