hrm445 organizational change week four correction and add week five it

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    Corrections to the last power point for this aper slides didn’t meet the word count, no text citations nor slide transitions. Didn’t expalin everything in the first talking point, data collection tool worksheet in word document, expalin its application.


In a separate word document explain its application in a 400 – 600 words with a min. of 8 scholarly references along with cites and APA format.


8 – 10 slides with speaker nots of 200 – 250 speaker notes; and 1- 2 page word document.


OBJECTIVES: Analyze the process of change and how it can be effectively managed. Use organization development process skills such as providing support, relaying feedback and observations, and reflecting feelings. Apply a systematic diagnosis to organizational situations. Diagnose the resistant forces in organization change. Examine the way that various interpersonal and team techniques fit into an organization development program. Develop change strategies for collaborative group relations. Catalogue various models of organizational change.


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