HRMN 400 Week 2 DQ 1 Please respond to Daniel Schaffer, management homework help

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Discussion One: Share why job analysis is crucial to the effective management of organizations. Include the following in your answers:1. How does a job analysis help managers do their jobs better?

  The job analysis helps the mangers determine the tasks that the employees are needed to do on a daily basis. This will help the manager keep on track during the creation of new positions, interview process, and when the time comes to evaluate the employees. During the creation process of a new position the manager needs to know all the tasks that the employee will encounter on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is important to determine the type of employee that the company will need. During the interview process, knowing what the job analysis entails will help the hiring manager stay on top of the questions that need to be asked. This is so the hiring official stays on track and does not go off asking odd questions that does not pertain to the position.

  The evaluation process is important as well to have a well thought out job analysis. This will help the manager performing the employee evaluation to determine the areas that the employee is succeeding in or areas that need improvement. At this time it is also for the manager to ask if there are any tasks in their daily life that they do that is not on the job analysis so the manager can improve the analysis.

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