human computer interaction short question answer must be in 2 3 lines 1

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1. Define Human Computer Interaction?

2. Define slips and mistake?

3. What is meant by execution and evaluation cycle?

4. What is Direct manipulation?

5.What is agent base interface?

6. What is psychological design rationale?

7.What are the golden rules of interface design?

8.Physical environment factors that affect the quality of iteration?

9. What is story board and how it can be used?

10. Guide for design of effective error message?

11. Mental model and why it is important?

12. Short term and long term memory?

13. Main characteristic of cognitive model?

14. Advantage and disadvantage of metaphore?

15. Characteristic of predictability of interacted system?

16. Style of evaluation?

17. Characteristic of good user interface design?

18. Two common ways to improve navigation?

19. How design rationale benefits interface design and why might it be rejected by design team?

20. To create use scenario is important in design process why?

21. Who are stake holder and what are the categories of it?

22. Different types of windows ?

23. What usability requirement for advanced mobile phones?

24. Compare print page design and web page design?

25. Define icon and what are the kinds of icon?

26. What kind of factors effect human information perception?

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