Human Resource Management ritten Assignment – Compensation and Benefits Package and Offer Letter

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Module 05 Content

  1. This assignment has two parts that should be submitted as one file.

    Part One
    You are one of three Human Resource Associate Directors at Main Street Memorial Children’s Hospital, a large metropolitan hospital with a state-of-the-art pediatric ER, general surgical center, burn treatment ward, and cancer treatment department. You are part of a team creating a new generalist position to support the associate directors in human resources. Your area of accountability is compensation and benefits for the new role.

    Do research to determine an appropriate compensation and benefits package for the generalist who will have the qualifications below:

    • AS degree in human resources, organizational leadership, or general business
    • 2+ years’ experience in an HR role preferable in a medical environment
    • Knowledge of HIPAA
    • Ability to prioritize multiple projects and deadlines
    • Excellent communication and organizational skills
    • Two good credible sources to begin your research are:
    • Bureau of Labor Statistics – Occupational Outlook Handbook
    • O*Net OnLine
    • This report to the other associate directors and then be forwarded to decision makers in human resources and finance. Your report should have the following elements:
    • A professional style that exhibits an appropriate tone and vocabulary for the intended audience. The report should be appropriately formal and be informative rather than persuasive.
    • An introduction that establishes the need for the new position and addresses norms and averages in compensation for this type of role.
    • A section that states a specific pay range for the position with support from at least two credible sources. Connect the pay range to the requirements of the role. Connect the pay to a specific location (you can choose your own location for this response).
    • A section that first names at least two financial benefits and two nonfinancial benefits not required by law and then provides support for offering these benefits. Be clear about why these benefits are logical for the role and how they will attract top talent.
    • Part Two
      The hiring committee has selected Alana Perez for the HR Generalist role above. She has an AS in human resources and is bilingual. She was the HR Assistant in a dental practice of four dentists, four hygienists, and eight chair side assistants for two years and was a lifeguard for six years before earning her degree and transitioning to human resources. Write an offer letter to Alana Perez offering her the role and stating the pay and benefits (those that you specified in Part One). Be professional and positive as she is the first choice of the entire team. Format this as a one-page professional letter. See the example offer letter in this module’s lecture for reference.

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