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Topic: Training and Development

Throughout this course, we have discussed a number of topics and their relationship to the field of Human Resource Management. Specifically, during Classes 11, 12, and 13, we have discussed the importance of organizational training and development. We have also examined various training models that are popular in today’s organizations.

As you know, training and development is a topic of increased emphasis in today’s workforce. Human Resource practitioners and scholars now, more than ever, recognize the importance of employee training, as well as continuous employee development. As stated by Clancy Cross, “Development is an investment, NOT an expense. Paying expenses keeps the doors open. Investing opens new doors. Investments are for organizations that expect to be around for the long haul. In fact, investments make the long haul feasible.”


As the Director of Human Resources, you are required to have bi-monthly meetings with your superiors (the CEO, CFO, and Executive Board). During these meetings, which are typically a round-table discussion, you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your department. After examining exit interviews and employee satisfaction surveys, you found that employees are dissatisfied with the lack of training and development opportunities.


Multiple employees, especially those who were hired within the past year, have stated in their employee satisfaction surveys that they were only trained to do a minimal number of tasks at Shop–Snack–Go. Due to a lack of training, these employees find the idea of coming to work both monotonous and frustrating. These employees do not believe they have room to grow at Shop–Snack–Go. In fact, when the employees ask management if there are other opportunities within their department, management replies that more intermediate tasks should be “left up to properly trained employees who have had years of experience.”

A handful of other employees reported in their employee satisfaction surveys that their initial training was limited and they were left to learn the ropes through haphazard practice. It was noted that the lack of preparation caused various departmental mistakes, which impacted the department, as well as the company, in a destructive manner.

Explanation of Assignment

For this assignment, you need to create a training plan, which addresses the concerns of employees and offers alternative training options for employees who would like to advance at Shop–Snack–Go.

Note: In order to complete this assignment, it is important that you understand the role of training and development, as well as the components of your chosen training theory.

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