I have 13 questions looking for answer!

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1.How could you correct the sentence fragment below?

Trudy and Vince had set up the tents by the time we arrived.

Leave it as it is.

Add back at camp before arrived.

Add already after Vince.

Add three before tents

2.The most exciting point in a play or story is called the


basic situation

rising action


3.How do you fix sentence fragments? Select all that apply.

by making the sentence a complete thought

by adding a verb

by adding a subject

by adding an adjective

4.Where should you look to check a word’s spelling? Select all that apply.

an encyclopedia

an online dictionary

spell check for a word processing program

a print dictionary

5.Which of the words below is an exception to this rule?


For words ending with silent e, drop the e before adding a suffix beginning with a vowel, such as –ing, –ive, –able, or –er.





6.When you read a play, how do you know what the actors are supposed to do?

by reading the actors words

by reading the stage directions

by reading the cast of characters

7.What is a play’s conflict?

the time and place where the story happens

events that make up the story in the play

the struggle between two forces in the play

the people and animals in the play

8.How could you correct the sentence fragment below?

Drove to the park, parked the car, and ate her lunch.

Leave it as it is.

Add Lena after before drove.

Add city before park.

Add sack before lunch

9.What does a play have that a story doesn’t? Select all that apply.





10.When you visualize something, you are

remembering something

making an educated guess

imagining what is happening

11.Which of the following is NOT an example of an informational text?

A story told from the point of view of a dog

A magazine article on the science of earthquakes

A newspaper story about an important event

A biographical sketch

12.What did the article “Caring for a Cat” want to tell readers?

Why cats are not a good choice for a pet.

About how much trouble cats can be.

About a cat whose owner was on a trip.

About the author’s experience getting a cat.


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