I have 2 Discussions and 4 case study questions to be completed. This is 2 different classes.

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Assignment 1 (Discussion Board) –

– This week’s forum relates to the content on SBAR and evidence based management (see weekly readings and Open School module for this week). Discuss in one paragraph the one particular point that you will apply in your professional roles – either current or future. Cite your resource using APA style because remember that statements without evidence is just an opinion. Respond to one other student’s post in support or opposition to their statement and cite a resource for your point of view.

Assignment 2 (Discussion Board) –

Koplan et al. (2009) wrote an opinion article in Lancet stating:

The need for a commonly used and accepted definition [of global health] extends beyond semantics. Without an established definition, a shorthand term such as global health might obscure important differences in philosophy, strategies, and priorities for action between physicians, researchers, funders, the media, and the general public. Perhaps more importantly, if we do not clearly define what we mean by global health, we cannot possibly reach agreement about what we are trying to achieve, the approaches we are to take, the skills that are needed, and the way that we should use resources (p. 1993)

Koplan et al. (2009) offered the following definition of global health: “…global health is an area for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide” (p. 1995). In Koplan et al.’s (2009) commentary, they offered a table distinguishing global health from international health and public health.

On the other hand, Margaret Bentley and her colleagues rebutted Koplan et al.’s position in a 2010 edition of the Lancet and believes global health and public health are indistinguishable.

Do you think global health and public health are 2 distinct disciplines or are they indistinguishable?

In your response, state your position supported by evidence while discussing both sides of the argument.

Assignment 3 (Case Study Questions)-

For this week’s cases, please answer all questions associated with each case, but post your responses to the following questions:

Case 2; question 4

Case 3: question 5

Case 5: question 8

Case 9: question 5

Read other student’s post. Respond to one who answered similar and provide additional support to their perspective. Similarly, also respond to one other student who answered differently than you. Write a short rebuttal on why your’s was the stronger answer.

Only Answer the 4 case study questions i have listed.


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