I have a 2500 limit word paper and two discussions due. No Plagiarism. Will use Turnitin Program. Also need replies to discussion questions

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BUS 110 Discussion:

Please respond to the following question. Minimum 250 words.

What’s the difference between debt and equity financing?

BUS 110 Paper:

I have attached the requirements for the paper in a word document.

SOC 210 Discussion:

Discussion – Due Thursday @ 9 p.m. (respond to others by Sunday @ 9 p.m.)

1. What is the second shift and how does it relate to a leisure gap between husbands and wives? Do you believe that, in general, household chores still mainly fall on the wives, or are chores becoming more evenly divided in households where both parents are working outside of the home?

2. What is the “hidden curriculum” of education? What types of things do you think you learned through this hidden curriculum? How important do you believe this hidden curriculum is and should is be a responsibility of teachers?

3. How has the internet and mobile phone technology changed our relationship between work and home? What are some disadvantages of always being connected?

4. What is the difference between coercion and authority?

SOC 210 Interview Paper:

I have attached this information in a work document. Read over this because I don’t know what to do.

I also need replies back to discussion questions.


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