i need full answers for these questions please

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  1. What is the best global method of comparing countries when considering advertising effectiveness. Explain.
  2. Do you want your company to have a global brand or a local brand (think of the Nestle example)? Why?
  3. What country has the most complicated distribution system? What cultural factors influence their system?
  4. How does cultural grounding effect industrial and consumer adaptation? (graph presented in class) Provide examples.
  5. What items/categories of items are often prohibited/banned in international TV advertising? How do companies compensate?
  6. Define public relations in the context of international integrated marketing communications. Provide an example.
  7. How do tariffs impact international marketing? Provide an example.
  8. What is grey importing (also called parallel importing)? Provide an example.
  9. What is product extension and an advertising adaption in the context of the international market? Provide an example.
  10. Why is Diet Coke not popular in Latin America? How has coke overcame this issue?
  11. What impact does corruption have on international marketing? Provide an example.
  12. Refection (your personal insight): How does SRC impact the way you think? Provide an example from your personal experience.

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