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Beech Corporation has three finished products (related to three different product lines) in its ending inventory at December 31, Year 1. The following table provides additional information about each product:

Product Cost Replacement Cost Selling Price Normal Profit Margin
101 $130 $140 $160 20%
202 $160 $135 $140 20%
303 $100 $ 80 $100 15%

Beech Corporation expects to incur selling costs equal to 5% of the selling price on each of the products.

  1. Determine the amount at which Beech should report its inventory on the December 31, Year 1, balance sheet under (1) IFRS and (2) U.S. GAAP.
  2. Write a 2-page evaluation, which compares and contrasts the two balance sheets and how these differences impact reporting. Support your statements with references from the text and a minimum of two additional sources formatted according to APA guidelines

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