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How to do a power point presentation for medical error . See attachment 

Electronic Health records and technologies (Slide 4 )

Potential drug interactions and/or bad responses can be flagged by EHR technologies, which can assist reduce medical errors. Prescription of drugs that interact with other drugs (prescription or over-the-counter) • Common foods that a patient may consume while taking a particular medication • Prescribing a drug to a patient who is allergic to it or has had an adverse reaction to it • Failure to fully recognize and consider potentially dangerous side effects based on a specific patient’s medical history

Cont’d (Slide 5)

One can define Electronic health records as digital copies of patient’s medical and health history (Girardi, 2020).

It includes one’s

Health issues


Past medical data and reports

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history that is maintained over time by the provider and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care under that provider, such as demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data, and radiology reports.

How EHR (Slide 6)

The electronic health record (EHR) streamlines the clinician’s workflow by automating access to information.

Other care-related activities, such as evidence-based decision support, quality monitoring, and outcomes reporting, can be supported directly or indirectly by the EHR through various interfaces.

EHRs are the next phase in healthcare’s evolution, and they have the potential to improve patient-clinician relationships.

Providers will be able to make better judgments and deliver better care as a result of the data, as well as its timeliness and availability

(Slide 7)

EHR reduce the incidence of medical mistake

HER make health information more accessible,

EHR Improve the accuracy and clarity of medical records to reduce health errors.

• Reducing the incidence of medical mistake by improving the quality and clarity of medical records is one way the EHR may improve patient care.

• Making health information more accessible, decreasing duplication of testing, lowering treatment delays, and ensuring that patients are well-informed in order to make better decisions.

• Improving the accuracy and clarity of medical records to reduce medical errors

Pros Of Using HER ( slide 10)

When a medical or administrative staff deals with physical papers and records, a lot of sorting through those papers might become a natural part of the job. This is not only slow and inconvenient, but it is also time-consuming, detracting from production and time that your team could be spending elsewhere. On digital systems, finding the information you need is much easier, typically requiring only a few clicks or keystrokes, saving time and effort.

A physical records system takes up room because of all the papers and folders that make it up. To meet those requirements, you’ll need to purchase file cabinets, which not only cost money but also take up room in your office. 

Physician’s notes are a convenient and familiar method of recording information, but they might become erroneous with time. For starters, digital records are far more readable and legible. Furthermore, because they are all stored in a consistent style in the electronic health record, it is much quicker to skim through them immediately for the information that is most relevant to your current query.

If you leave paper records unattended or your physical storage area isn’t secured as effectively as it should be, they’re easy to misplace, mistakenly destroy, and potentially steal. Because they are stored on a database that requires the correct login credentials to access, online EHR solutions can be significantly safer.

Cons of HER ( slide 11)

While digital storage is more secure than carrying physical documents, data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Although most certified EHR systems contain security features, a physician’s office employees must be trained in basic digital security to avoid leaving their stations susceptible to unauthorized access. It is unacceptable for your patient’s information to slip into the wrong hands.

Because other healthcare providers with whom you’ve associated, such as personal trainers and pharmacists, may use the same electronic health record system as you, it’s critical that you maintain patient data up to date after each appointment or consultation. Otherwise, they may review the system later to identify incorrect data without your knowing, resulting in treatment techniques that are improper.

There is no shortage of digital gadgets, and most doctors are becoming more accustomed to working in this manner. However, losing access to those devices, whether due to location or other reasons such as power outages or internet outages, could result in records not being updated or being inaccessible for an extended period of time. Even forgetting your gadget during a session can result in a little discrepancy in your data.

Electronic health records have a number of disadvantages. To overcome these, you’ll need to take a professional strategy, so think carefully before investing in EHR.

Conclusion ( Slide 13 )

Electronic health records help to eliminate medical errors resulting from

Missing paper health records

Illegible paper health records

The lack of clear patient history.


EHR can improve patient care by:

• Improving the quality and clarity of medical records, which can reduce the occurrence of medical error.

• Making health information more accessible, eliminating duplication of tests, lowering treatment delays, and better informing patients so they can make better decisions.

• Improving the quality and clarity of medical records, which will help to reduce medical errors.


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