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Week 8 Discussion

Discuss barriers to Evidence Based Practice.

As you reflect on how evidence-based practice is developed and implemented, consider the barriers that can occur within an organization. What are some ways that an organization can overcome barriers to implementing change in practice? Consider and describe potential barriers to the change process in your institution (or where the change will be implemented). Please include a review of the organization’s culture, its reaction to change, and your leadership role for a change in your initial post. If you do not currently in a healthcare setting, consider a different organization you have experience with how change is perceived, implemented, and evaluated.

See article below for inspiration:

Tacia, L., BiskupskiK., 

Pheley (Links to an external site.)
, A., & 
Lehto (Links to an external site.)
, R. (2015). Identifying barriers to evidence-based practice adoption: A focus group study. Clinical Nursing Studies, 3(2):90–96. 


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