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Unit 2 Discussion BoardPS2010:

Why do you think voter turnout in the United States is lower than that of most well-established democracies in other nations? What do you think could be a way to increase voter turnout? Use facts to support your opinion.

Response to classmate this is what they wrote:

Now, this is just my opinion but I think that voter turnout in this country is lower more recently because of a few different things. I think A lot of people have lost faith in there government and have this idea that If they don’t go its just one vote and it does not make that big of a difference to the total. I also think that recently in America were have become spoiled compared to the rest of the world and we have this view of we don’t need to fight for what we think is right because we are so well established and that means me and mine are safe for now. I feel other countries are taking more pride in their society and that’s why we see more people from those areas out and making sure to vote for a difference. I can’t prove it fully but one of the biggest shake-ups was when the current president ( Trump) won the election when everyone said that he didn’t have a fighting chance and to our surprise, he won by a landslide. now I think this goes back to people being tired of career politicians and yes I do think term limits should be a thing. I think to increase voter turnout the politicians need to be more involved and hear the people. not just say things to get votes and walk away like we didn’t put you in office.

Unit 2 Discussion Board BCJ 3601:

Please read the handout “Should Medical Misdiagnosis be a Crime?” Do you believe that a medical misdiagnosis should be considered a crime? Why, or why not?

Response to classmate this is what they said:

I do not believe misdiagnoses of a medical condition should be a crime. The reason I believe this is because, in the medical field there are a lot of different diseases, cancers, and other ailments out there and all those working in the medical field can do is read, study, and learn as much as they can. They apply all these learnings and experience into diagnosing people’s conditions. Having said that yes there have been a lot of misdiagnoses that is because there are a lot of different disease that have a lot of common symptoms but, this is not the fault of the medical person. I also know not all medical professionals work as diligent in finding out the source of an ailment but, the few should not set the standard for all those who actually do a great job. Those in the medical field do research and study a multitude of information but, even they don’t have all the answers like their expected too they are doing the best with what they have.


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