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Read the article and write a 250-word paper – double spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font with only your name in the top left or right hand corner of the document. This should be about three well-developed paragraphs. You will receive full or partial credit based on the thought you put into this paper and the thoroughness of the paper. Remember this is a professional development course – so you should have begun thinking about being that professional. You may look to speakers that we have had in class (like nonprofits such as Miracle League Northshore or First Tee of Greater New Orleans) to help you write this paper if you can remember some of the things those speakers said.

1. Give me your thoughts and impressions about characteristics #5 and #6. Provide examples if you can.

2. Also, take one of the other characteristics and tell me why that one is important (or stood out) to you. I have posted the link to the online article below https://www.aiesec.in/characteristics-every-great-volunteer-common/


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