I need some assistance with these assignment. audience capacity to resist media power Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. audience capacity to resist media power Thank you in advance for the help! However, there is a minority group termed as mobilization theorists who argue that the information provided by the media is sufficient to enable the citizens to recognize instances that subject their interests to danger. They have also attributed the providence information by the media to an increase in civic engagement. Mobilization theorists, therefore, have held the existence of a great role of media in democratic societies. Mass media is expected to fulfill two normative functions in democracy, which are disseminating the political information that is relevant to the people and providing a platform through which citizens can express their opinions. More than that, it also has its effects on the political environment and democratic processes in democratic societies. This paper aimed to reflect how mass media in these states does not only contribute to reflecting but also to shaping knowledge and opinions in democratic countries (Klages, 2006).

Chaudhuri, 2014), in his article in mid-day newspaper emphasizes how the media has the ability to create an impact on its audience and how the audience lacks the power to resist the influence of media. This arises from the role that media plays in democratic societies, which include having a role in delivering a service of responsibly providing information to the citizens of a democratic society. It also functions to challenge the individuals and parties in power and to communicate and ensure that social groups maintain social relations. Mass media has a principle of accurately reflecting the realities in society and avoiding misleading the audience using false information. It is considered as having an important role in shaping democracy and is usually referred&nbsp.to as a backbone of democracy. Mass media is a provider of political information that voters of the democratic states in making more informed voting decisions. Hence, citizens are able to vote more wisely for the benefit of the entire society. The mass media also has a watchdog function in that it assesses and exposes the wrong deeds of the political leaders and other parties in power to the citizens.&nbsp.


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