I need some assistance with these assignment. being organized student Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. being organized student Thank you in advance for the help! Being Organized Student

Being a student can be difficult because of the demands of school activities, reading, socializing and other personal needs. When this is compounded by the difficulties brought about by work, the task at hand could really be physically, emotionally and psychologically draining. Therefore, it is important for working students to be able to organize their time for them to be able to maximize their days and avoid piled up school and work requirements. Being organized could be difficult in itself but this is often hard during the first days or weeks when one is still learning to adjust to the schedules. In the long run however, the process proves to be a very helpful tool in making life easier for any kind of student. Therefore, becoming organized should be a priority of students.

The first thing to do in becoming organized is to spend time to plan and make a schedule. This may be time-consuming but it is very effective that it is often worth the time sacrificed. It is best to consider the schedule not only for the school and work but also personal activities like taking a bath and sleeping. This will make sure that every necessary activity is considered and every minute used wisely. It is good to make a daily, weekly and monthly schedule if possible. This makes further planning and scheduling easier. Weekly and monthly schedules are also important because they serve as reminders when one should make changes in the set schedules when they are not functional anymore or when more activities are required. For instance, when examination days are near, one might consider making more room for study periods than the usual schedule.

Making a plan is important but it can become useless, too. This happens when a person does not stick to the schedules made. Therefore, planned schedules should be strictly followed so that the things that need to be done will be completed on time. Moreover, procrastination should be avoided because this can cause work to pile up which will eventually destroy the schedule and make everything difficult.

Committing to the schedule is as important as acting on the schedule itself. This will make a person accustomed to a habit that will not be beneficial on the physical aspect only but also on keeping with the schedule that makes a person confident and at peace, knowing that all important matters are taken cared of. Technological advancements are very useful in helping a person keep to his/her commitments. It would be good to save schedules on cellphones and ipads for one to be always reminded of what is supposed to be done on a certain day and time. However, another list of schedules should always be handy just in case something happens to the electronic reminders. A datebook would be very helpful for a person to keep track of the set activities. Moreover, schedules should be reviewed from time to time because there might be certain things that need to be added or deleted depending on what circumstances bring. In conclusion, to be organized, one should make a schedule and stick to it and commit to perform what is set even if things appear to be difficult. Do not procrastinate or put off for the next day the things that could be done today.


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